Our soul is connected to the earth
And its energy labyrinth

Our earth plane is connected to the electrical plasma field above us
The plasmasphere above us is energetically connected to other realms
Making us multidimensional beings

Strong moral character is the foundation for spiritual powers

Karmic entanglements result when harm
Is directed to other humans or to other sentient life forms

An imbalance is created
And at some point energy will return to rebalance consciousness
And remove the destructive patterns directed at other living beings

When natural laws are abused for personal gain
Disconnection and discordant frequencies are the result

When one has a value system
In which all living beings have intrinsic worth
Then their scattered spiritual bonds are reintegrated

When we develop our self worth and self love
And our concern and compassion for others in very difficult situations

Whether it be animals trapped in small cages at factory farms
Or whether it be children in cages underground
Being used for genetic experimentation

Whose souls will be stuck in lower densities
Because of their tragic lives and deaths

We empower ourselves to be a positive force
Holding value for all life

And we will produce healing frequencies
Which are then amplified and spread
To help free those who have no freedom

And unbeknownst to the vast majority of humans
We are in a big enclosed farm ourselves

The borders being Antarctica which surrounds us
And the area around the north pole

Your consciousness should be
The highest expression of yourself!