When you are in flow
You let go of shame based thinking patterns

When you show up complete
You will not look for approval validation or confirmation from others
And they will notice your completeness

When you accept your own positive suggestions and play them out in your imagination
They become magical elixirs that transform you into a conduit of divine expression

Emotions are indicators of what is happening in the undercurrent of your psyche
If you repress them you block your flow
And you create a chain that binds you

If you harbor shame then you believe you are flawed
Do not resist the feeling but let it go by seeing yourself as you desire

Mushrooms LSD and other psychedelics give you an intense rush of confidence
And a feeling that you can do anything

Drugs if used effectively can change your perception of yourself
Where the mind goes the feet will follow

Challenge the story you tell yourself
Change the notion of the root cause
Choose a program that is beneficial to you
If you have no enemies within then you are truly free

Appreciate your journey as you become more aware of who you really are
Do things you like
Our enemies are our own inner creation

What is outside is not greater than the divine spark within you
Being grateful during challenging moments means you are in alignment with a greater purpose
How you respond to your emotions sculps your destiny

Now is the crossroads between the past and future
Compassion has the power to transform the collective reality

Intuition is the tuning fork that sets your frequency
It vibrates at a pitch which influences the molecules around you
Causing them to resonate as waves

These waves produce mutative currents in others
When you send forth your ideal it gets mirrored by those around you
And you experience a vividly desirable theatre

Ovid means sheep in Latin
C means to see
Covid means see the sheep

Do not be a sheep
Be a leader!