In the movie Blacklist a guy gets poisoned
By someone slipping the venom
Of a red headed crate snake into his water

The word virus is Latin for venom
The word corona means crown or king
Corona virus means King Cobra venom

MRNA from the King Cobra is inserted into the DNA by the Covid vaccination
Making the person a hybrid

They are wrapped in hydrogel
And surrounded by metallic nano particles

There are 19 toxic proteins in the venom
These become the spike proteins that circulate throughout the body

The proteins and peptides of King Cobra and Crate Snake
Are synthesized because of the vast amount that is needed
They are sequenced to target specific organs
Such as the spleen pancreas liver and heart

The only drug that is now used in hospitals for the treatment of Covid 19 is Remdesivir
It is the only IV drug allowed

Remdesivir is a very toxic and deadly drug
It is even given to newborns

Gilead manufactures Remdesivir
Remdesivir is snake venom
It is the lyophilized peptides and proteins of the King Cobra

Snake venom poisoning is treated with snake venom poisoning

Along with a loss of taste and smell for a year
Snake venom paralyzes your diaphragm
Making it difficult to breathe

At hospitals they are put on ventilators
After they are given sedatives such as Morphine and Phentonal

They are kept on the ventilator for 10 days
And given Remdesivir every day
Typically on the 9th day people die

Booster shots boosts ones level of venom

When there are elevated protein fragments in the blood
That contain 2 fragments of the fibrin protein called D-dimers
It is snake venom poisoning

Nicotine binds to receptor cells that will not allow venom to bind and be delivered in the body
The price of cigarettes has gone way up

Bentonite clay also protects against snake venom
It has been pulled from health food stores
But you can still buy it because it is sold as a facial cleanser

Other remedies for snake bites include
Hydroxychloroquine quercetin vitamin C zinc and copper

Do the opposite of what the CDC and FDA recommend
Because what they tell you to avoid is what works

And what they tell you to do is what will kill you!