The alien agenda is to keep our consciousness
Within the parameters of the existing 3D

As long as we choose our current belief system as our reality
Then that will be what we experience

The energetic grid architecture contains all our thought projections
It becomes the blueprint of our morphogenetic field structure
That creates dimensionalization of our time and space reality

Morphogenetic fields are templates of conscious light and sound
Through which matter and conscious identities will manifest

Mind is the builder and thought precedes manifestation

Emotion brings animation
Structure without animation is finite
Structure with the living light animating force is eternally perpetuated

Because we do not perceive the living light source that animates within us
It is harnessed and siphoned by off world entities
And by the power elite who work with them
Who have been groomed to understand the system

Our inherent divinity gets stolen from us

Aberrant energies result in karmic imbalances
And repeated unnatural behaviors break down genetic material

Over time the DNA is so damaged
That the body becomes soulless

Our consciousness is being steered down a certain direction
Down a road you do not want to go on

We are being trapped in a low vibrational frequency
Eating animals and pesticide sprayed crops
Drinking fluoridated water are suppression techniques

We are also being hit with a vast array of electrical poisoning and stifling technology
We are unwilling participants in a vast experiment being used against us

We need to reflect our divine core essence
We need to shine our light
And direct our energies and place our focus on what matters

Knowledge is power

We need to break down the barrier we have put between ourselves

And remove ourselves from this lower vibration!