When you hold a higher frequency vibration
You create a new reality
And you imprint another version of yourself
Above the matrix platform of 3D reality

You can accumulate portals of positive timelines
Just by thought and momentum

The sky is the limit when you learn how to use the structure
It is a multi layered game and you play with resonance

The negative is pushing their narrative
And the positive is working to override it
You experience the one which is of your vibrational rate

Everything in your reality has a reason for being there
Your consciousness sends frequencies into the plasma field that form geometrical patterns
Which produce sequences of hyperspace holographic imprints

When you stay in your highest expression
And have a clear vibrational sound
You can project whatever you wish

Synchronicities will move you forward
And you will expand into the infinite

During sleep you visit other realms and download information
You embed into your 3D body blueprints of 5D brain wave activation
Which are frequencies of light and sound

Your consciousness will know exactly what reality and timeline they came from
And how it is all combining for you to understand

When something unpleasant occurs do not attach a negative vibration to it
Look at it as positive

Do not allow negative programs to sink into your NOW momentum
Shut down that program or it will lower your vibrational sequence

Understand what is happening
Say thank you
Stay in the heart
And take positive action

The heart will open portals!