In the former age of gods and wonders
Where planets presented a huge appearance as they hovered close to the earth plane

Venus shone forth as a beautiful goddess
But also had an alter ego of a witch
In fact the elitist occult uses Venus as an instrument of witchcraft

In phases of high charge
Streamers emanated from Venus
She became the Medusa with wild disheveled hair

Under the name Lilith she was an ugly child stealing witch
As Lamashtu she was a sorceress that would cast evil spells

As the German Holda or the Greek Hecate
She rode in the wind clothed in terror
To ride with Holle or Hella was deemed equivalent to the night ride of witches

Venus took on a red appearance as she moved into the lower heavens which was referred to as hell
The Queen of Heaven became the Queen of Hell
This is why Rhianna in the occult ritual halftime Super Bowl show dressed up in red

They were casting a spell symbolically using Rhianna as the red witch
She was the Evil Queen spreading her wrath
The raging Lady of Fire

O Red One whose flame burns
Who flies on the wind brandishing torches
Who drinks blood and feasts on hearts
Like a dragon you deposit venom
As you rain down the fanned fire

The white robed guys around her represented hazmat suits
They were foretelling the train crashes and the chemical explosions
That are spreading highly toxic dioxins

Football is an energy gathering ritual
All the coaches are Freemasons

All the players are given a script
Who wins is determined beforehand

The Super Bowl halftime is a Satanic occult ceremony
And the fans are unknowingly fanning the negative energy!