The moon is an artificial craft like device
Which is used to monitor and adjust magnetic fields

By generating magnetic force fields
The moon powers mind control software and sets up frequency fences
To siphon human energy

It is responsible for our loss of paradise
If the moon ever disappears look for an immediate and dramatic improvement in our world

Adjusting the magnetic field is a common practice by advanced extra terrestrials
The reptilians and their grey alien creations have manipulated our magnetic field

If we do not enforce our sovereignty and self determination
If we do not produce high vibrations from a heart based mind
Then we become subject to the magnetic forces
And fall into a subverted reality of mind control

Lunar forces create lunacy

Our energetic holographic architecture has been altered and needs repair
The re encryption of our source code architecture will attune us to higher frequency levels

And we will become an optic lens for the God Source Code
Exchanging eternal tri wave patterns of divine origin

Our destiny extends beyond earth
We are a small part of a greater reality

We have not evolved but have been repressed
we were silicon based and now we are carbon based

Silicon can upload frequencies
Horsetail also known as shave grass is a natural source
For the essential trace mineral silica

Our medical system does not support ascension
It promotes an inorganic method of ingesting chemicals and surgically removing body parts
Keep your wisdom teeth and do not let a dentist drill away at your other teeth

Religions promote a false ascension matrix

Souls end up being trapped in superimposed magnetic fields of reverse polarity
Where they are used as a battery source

The war on organic food is heating up
Herbal supplements are being restricted
Synthetic food is being pushed

GMO trees are being planted
The reptilian controllers and their human accomplices
Want forests with no birds animals or insects

Now is the time to draw the line
And go no further down the artificial road!