Religious writings mythology an artwork
Depict the war between Lucifer and Satan

The biblical account is between Lucifer who is Mars
And the Most High which is Saturn

In the battle Horus who is Mars temporarily lost his left eye
That is why the Occult cover their left eye
To show their affiliation with Lucifer

The Star of David on the Israeli flag
Is the star of your god Rephaim who is Mars or Lucifer

The loser was sent down to the fiery abyss or hell
Which is the celestial underworld of the heavenly kingdom of Saturn

As Mars electrically discharged he was seen as losing his body parts
Isis who is Venus retrieved the lost body parts of Osiris
Horus is Osiris reborn

It was said that Isis could not find the penis of Osiris
So they used the Golden Phallus which was the Axis Mundi

In the Epic of Gilgamesh An ruled in his northern kingdom
And was attacked by Enlil and Enki from the southern sky
Uku was Venus or Inanna
She was the Queen of heaven in the Old Testament

Venus was given incense upon alters
Vows were addressed to her
And animal and human sacrifices were offered to her

Venus is also the whore of Babylon
And Jezebel with all her showy trinkets who got shoved out of a window

The Mahabharata also has a war for the throne of heaven
The war of the planetary gods
When peace was restored it was seen as an alliance

The King of Dancers is Shiva who is Saturn
The creator of the former cosmos
Who dances the Ananda Tandava in the twilight

He resides in his cosmic fiery wheel
And is surrounded by the Golden Order of Winged Seraphim

Which is the golden solar codex cube of the former sun
Whose crystal structure is of electromagnetic plasma transmissions

The Tabernacle of Molech is this House of Saturn

The Hand of God was an emanation from Saturn containing his eye or Venus
The prayer position is this Hand of God

Religion is a recreation of this former epoch
You do not need to pray to anyone

Amplify you own vibration
Embody your higher God Self
Develop an inner well spring of the eternal life force
Reconfigure into a new foundation built on compassion
And realign to a higher sense of purpose!