Our perception of reality is being manifested by actors wearing masks
They are playing out Atlantean archetypal war games which is the Armageddon software system
In the Beast machine timeline

Holograms in the 3D light spectrum
And messages carried on waves from the 5G death towers
Are influencing people to assimilate into the hive mind

Project Blue Beam will transmit a Messiah after WW3

Israeli leaders are saying if you do not take the vaccine
It will delay the return of the Messiah

Humans who have body snatched are parading themselves as scientists and TV anchormen
Supporting a transhuman agenda of a synthetic artificial reality

Anybody who is anyone has ties to a Satanic cult
Which has ties to dark forces from another world

Even teachers unions support the vaccine
As well as Covid interment camps and pedophilia
Saying a shielding approach at reeducation centers is necessary for high risk individuals
And that anyone who does not support anothers twisted sexuality is a bigot

Whole cities are now social engineering experiments
By the creation of magnetic fields with certain resonant hertz frequencies

Gyrotrons or cyclotrons are mounted on towers
Produce pulsed simulations with continual electronic harassment

The cell towers in your neighborhood are for hitting you with scalar waves
That puts thoughts in your mind
And to further entrap you in an AI simulation!