The elite are playing monopoly with each other
And we are the ones being played around with

The countries who are being the most targeted with vaccines
Namely Australia Europe and the USA
Are the ones who are having the most immigrants

They are expecting a huge death toll in vaxxed countries
Especially when it becomes mandated by a hoaxed dangerous variant

The immigrants are essentially replacements

People value money more than anything
When their bank accounts are linked to the inscribed mark of the new micro needle array patch
They will become good little minions for the dark side

Although many aware police officers firefighters and health care workers
Have quit their jobs rather than be vaxxed and employed

We were replacements for the Tartarians
This can be seen in old pictures
Where horse and buggy are the means of transportation
In cities with advanced architecture that manufacture sound frequencies

And for the giants whose skeletons have been found all over the world
But have been systematically destroyed

In America this has been done by the Smithsonian Institute

The milking of venom from poisonous snakes such as the rattlesnake king cobra and box snake
Has been going on for a long time
It is put in the vaccine and is responsible for the spike proteins

Nicotine blocks the venom
The price of cigarettes has gone up to 10 dollars a pack

This is so that nicotine is used less
And will not get in the way of the spreading of the venom!