The DMT produced by the pineal gland
Is strongest in birds and reptiles

It is the most powerful psychedelic
More powerful than LSD
And the hallucinogenic plant ayahuasca

Penguins have a super potent pineal gland

The Antarctic Treaty of 1959
Was supposed to protect penguins
Keeping people out of Antarctica

But penguins are slaughtered for their DMT
And their frozen pineal glands
Are distributed to Masonic Temples all over the world
For their Rituals of Illumination into the astral plane

The skull of children is not sutured until the age of 7 to 9
So their pineal gland has a more open gateway
Allowing them to perceive beyond normal sensory contact
Into the invisible spirit world

Such as encountering an elf
Who operates at a very high frequency

Calcification of the pineal gland
Occurs from fluoride exposure
And the consumption of meat and processed foods

This shuts off our connection to the spirit realm
In which we were once fully connected

When our pineal gland is hardened atrophy occurs
Causing us to be more compliant and non questioning

We accept outrageous ideas
Such as living on a wobbling spinning tilting round globe
With upside down people in Australia

The round globe is part of the matrix
A prison for your mind

Making you believe there is nothing beyond Antarctica

That Antarctica is just a frozen waste land
And there are no other 30 plus continents beyond
Such as:
And the moving island of Thoth

The round globe is central to the Big Bang
Which is key to the theory of evolution
Which removes us from the idea of Intelligent Design
Which keeps us from realizing we are creators
And that our souls are eternal
And our consciousness is endless!