Blood sacrifices quickly engage the other side
Pain fear and terror broaden the door
When death comes the entity takes hold of the body

Leading actors are now all possessed by demonic jinns
They paid a heavy price for a mansion and luxury cars

The ones who do not join the Alumbrados
Even though they are loaded with talent
Get nowhere

Hybrid rulers enslave our world
The common person does not want to believe
That an evil cabal is in control

Just like Moslems on their hajj or pilgrimage in Mecca
When they walk the Tawaf around the Kaaba 7 times
In an anti clockwise direction

Would not entertain the possibility
That they are symbolizing dark powers in the heavenly places
That circle the portal of Saturn

The Kaaba is a black cube representing the house of God
And the 7 circumambulations of the Tawaf
Represent the 7 rings that circle around Saturn

Saturn was our former God

Our simulation is designed to give us what we want

What the Illuminati desire is pumped up
To make it a reality

Stargate codes are downloaded into receptive human vehicles

As critical mass is reached in the second half of 2022
Dark ones prepare to march forward

When you take refuge in nature
When you soak in the ocean or other bodies of water
Or when you walk among tall trees and forests

You give yourself a needed respite
From the energy wave deluge

You then open yourself to the call of angels
Who will give you a golden white crown

And like the ancient languages of Welsh and Latin
That hold codes for DNA cellular memory

Your abilities will become your spiritual calling

And you will speak the language of a higher destiny!