There is no such thing as deep space

And we have now both a sun simulator and a lunar simulator

The solar simulator is in front of the sun
It deflects rays and projects artificial frequencies

The lunar simulator is behind the moon
It has six sides and it produces scalar waves

It spins and creates a plasma vortex or spinning ion flare

The moon has a gyrotron
Which is a rotating device that produces low frequency waves
It broadcasts these frequencies every night during the witching hour

The moon emits powerful microwaves
Which are coupled to plasma
The charged particles act as a plasma charging station for AI craft

Its oscillating technology rotates in a clockwise fashion

The extremely low frequencies of the gyrotron which is also a cyclotron
Are pulsed into the fabric of our space time
Allowing entities into our realm

These technologies make up Project Blue Beam
A cathode ray tube will modulate and deflect electron beams
Onto the screen of the sky to create images of a Messiah and a Rapture
Which most people will be conditioned to believe

The barium which is now in our sky is more reflective than glass
It creates a synthetic veil for craft and technologies
It acts as a mirror hiding what is behind it

The Beast Machine agenda is being rolled out right before us

Be a soul whose frequency is out of reach of the dark cabal!