The vast majority of people refuse to look at the consequences of their actions
That they are imposing upon others whether it be humans or animals

The brutality and torture is ignored
Because it is too ugly and dark to witness

This self imposed ignorance is made all the easier when suffering is monetized
And massive profits are produced

Pedophile rings are kept hush
Slaughterhouses are kept out of public view

Degeneracy impacts other structural systems

When we refuse to see intentional harm
And allow lies to rule us
We cut ourselves off from our spiritual source

Our true nature as empathetic humans takes a back seat

When one has an assortment of interspecies blood and DNA
From consuming animals and from vaccinations
Our lowered vibrations make it easier to be manipulated by AI signaling
And brain washing techniques
And ultimately negative entity attachments

Negative thoughts damage the brain and nervous system
The media perpetuates this by broadcasting violence and depravity
Causing people to subconsciously act out these images
Attracting spirits who want to harvest the negative emotional energy

When this happens they lose autonomy and if not corrected their soul is repelled
As their blood chemistry and DNA gets altered
Maing it easy for Chimera body snatches
Which is also called the Chimera Effect

The more virtues you develop
The more goodness and light you accumulate
And the more power to bring in higher frequencies results
Protecting you from the negative polarity of dark forces
And keeps the perceptual bridge open to access the functions of the higher mind

Exercise and physical discipline breaks down dark forces
Allowing us to shift and bring in new energies
Having as your main focus self love self esteem and personal healing

When on has accumulated excessive positive polarity from service to self
They can transition to be of service to the greater whole

To create more space for new energy
We must surrender our personal disappointments and sorrows
Seeking harmony with the Cosmic Consciousness

We can bless ourselves with inspiring feelings of freedom and creativity
Untapping our potential through the expression of our higher self
Knowing that we have Universal Support to achieve our desired outcome

Valuing our intrinsic selves and our authenticity
Which promotes our life force!