If you do not believe there were freemason astronauts on the moon
Playing golf and zooming around in their moon buggies
While talking to President Nixon on their cell phone
Then why do you believe other things they say

The lunar lander was 2 layers of Reynolds Wrap on top of metal shower rods
Using scotch tape to keep things in place

This is their high tech equipment that for some reason cannot be recreated
Despite their multi billion yearly budget

The fake rockets at Cape Canaveral masquerade as scientific proof
The sole purpose for the existence of NASA is not to explore but to deceive and propagandize
It is to promote the false heliocentric model of the universe

All NASA photographs are photoshopped
And are created completely through CGI artistry
By a person known as the blue marble guy

NASA now has taken us to their other ball planets like CGI Mars

All photographs taken without fish eye lens show the earth to be a level plane devoid of any curvature
There is no genuine photograph of an earth globe
Each composite photograph of NASA looks completely different to each of the other ones

If the earth was spinning at 1000 miles per hour
And at the same time racing through the universe while orbiting the sun
Astronomers would have to adjust their telescopes every few seconds

Localized hot spots in the clouds could not occur if the sun was millions of miles away
Just trace the angle of the suns rays back to their source
And the area of convergence would be not too far above the clouds very close to the earth

Crepuscular rays of the sun fan out
And that could only be the product of a close small sun

If the earth was a spinning ball that carried its atmosphere at the same rate it was spinning
Then the upper atmosphere would move even more rapidly
And the fake space station would be in an atmosphere moving approximately the speed of a bullet

Because the public is gullible and unsuspecting
Unquestioningly believing what they see on television
This big lie becomes fertile ground for further deception

People who are uprooted from their true beginnings
And given false bearings
Can be led anywhere!