An axial tilt of our fake globe was introduced
To justify the seasons and vastly different climates

The sophisticated Prague astronomical clock has been altered
From a flat model to a bulging unsightly sphere
And does not divide the twelve 30 degree constellation arcs equally

They blame the inconsistency to the wondering of the magnetic pole

Each zodiac section represents a month

Twelve precessions or ages of 2160 years
Is what they call a Great Year or 25,920 years

South on a flat earth would be any direction away from the northern center
East and west would be a circle around the magnetic north

As an ancient sailor got close to the magnetic north
The ships compass would lose its property

A vessel with iron on board would not get away

New Zealand Australia and Patagonia are close to the Antarctic Ice Wall and frequency fence
It is heavily guarded by the military

As we enter the Age of Aquarius
We should watch the water
Aquarius is the water bearer

There have been many resets
All different
That were the death of an old age
And the dawn of a new age
It is happening again right now

We must dig through the deception
And see the clues of glory beauty and wonder
But also the pain

The deception we are in was built brick by brick

Fall in love with the truth
Draw the Sword of Truth
And become a citizen of the future

The previous age was a sky filled with celestial wonders
Saturn was the center or zero point
It had seven rings or seven heavens
The Ring of Fire was the innermost one

Venus was the Torch of Heaven or Cosmic Flame
When it became brilliant it united with the end coils of the current of the Universal Axis
And became a Phoenix with outstretched wings

Mars was the Messiah or Coming One
Because it descended the axis
Together they were 3 gods in one or the Cosmic Triad

When Saturn was at its brilliance it formed a Tetramorph of vortexes
Described in Ezekial 1:10 and Revelation 4:7

The 4 most radiant were depicted as the Ox Lion Eagle and Angel
Which became the constellations Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius in the current age

They were also depicted as the 4 evangelists in Christian lore

Saturn was the Eternal Luminous One The Holy Father
Sitting on his Throne inside his Holy Temple

These were plasma formations
Plasma forms in the argon layer of the ionosphere

There are 8 different chemical layers in the ionosphere
Hydrogen helium neon argon krypton xenon radon and nitrogen

Our current sun forms in the helium layer
The moon forms in the krypton layer
Krypton has a phosphorescent white light

Everything we have learned is unreliable
The Matrix is starting to crumble!