There will be no angry god
Putting people in eternal damnation
Because they did not bow down and worship him

That would be a very unbalanced god

He would also not condone the killing of animals for food
Not only is it cruel
Eating them is unhealthy

He would not be involved in a death cult that demands sacrifice

He would not kill fish and eat a baby sheep

The gospel of Jesus has been corrupted
And has gone through many changes

Krishna also is the Son of God
Was born of a virgin on December 25
And had 12 disciples

They both performed miracles

Jesus and Krishna were given the attributes of Mars
Who was the son of the Father Creator god Saturn

The new religion brought the celestial gods down to earth
Their deeds were given to heroes
And expressed as men with supernatural powers

In the previous era Mars was the most active god
When the planets hovered close to the earth plane
And were the focus of the world

Today there are many kinds of hyper stylized fantasy settings
Trying to usurp your belief system
And accept their simulation as reality

This is because thought has power
And produces energy which becomes attached
To a particular reality pattern

The leaders of all countries are actors
In a great clown show

NASA means Not a Space Agency
They are given billions of dollars every year to deceive the masses

They want our minds to be in a sci fi world
A fake reality which they control

The Star Trek series and movies
Were to phase lock us into future simulations

Microsoft is now bringing back the dead
From their digital harvested data
As AI chatbots

The Hopi believe when the Sapuahuh or Blue Star Kachina
Dances in the plaza of the sky and removes his mask
The time of the great travail will be here

With him will be the Great White Brother

This hearkens back to Mars in the former era
And the brother of the Lord or Mercury

In order to free ourselves from limiting thoughts
We must realize our true selves and our true past

We must understand our origin and destiny

All souls in the beginning acted in accordance with Divine Will
We became entrapped in various systems of thought vibrations

Behind every creative form is its astral blueprint
The Akashic Records are our thoughts made manifest

Spiritual thoughts have the highest frequency
We create our reality with our beliefs

Eternal freedom of cosmic consciousness
Is achieved spiritually!