The Ascension Program
Is ascending from a cloned body
Into a robotoid body

Each playing various roles

Before they get into the Ascension Program
Famous people get murdered and cloned

These include:
David Bowie
Mic Jagger
Elvis Presley
Snoop Dog
Johnny Cash
Jimi Hendrix
Axel Rose
Frank Sinatra
Justin Bieber
Malcom X

While others get murdered cloned microchipped and vrilled
Vrilled means taken over by a reptilian entity

These include:
Ben Affleck
Bill Clinton
Kanye West
Pope Francis
Pope Benedict
Prince Phillip
Boy George
Vince McMahon
Charlie Rose
Tom Hanks
John McCain
Adam Sandler
Joe Rogan
Brad Pitt
Christy Brinkley
John Mellencamp
Louis Farrakhan

Jeffrey Epsteins Book of Pedophiles include:
Alec Baldwin
Barbara Walters
Andrew Cuomo
Michael Bloomberg
George Mitchell
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Mister Rogers

Our world is not what people think it is!