In the 1880s Chiron was a moon of Saturn
Between Titan and Hyperion
It disappeared but reappeared in 1977

Chiron is now named 2060 Chiron and is classified as a centaur
A centaur is a moon with an irregular orbit
Which disappears and reappears

Starting in 1905 Themis became a moon of Saturn
Also between Titan and Hyperion
It disappeared in 1989

Phoebe appeared in 1899
Showing up suddenly as the outermost moon of Saturn

Janus appeared in 1966 also outside the rings
In 1980 Epimetheus appeared out of nowhere close to Janus
Janus and Epimetheus regularly switch orbits

There were 6 major satellites of Uranus
Now there are only Titania and Oberon
Along with 20 other smaller moons

There is a massive tornado ray with a long corkscrew shape
Blasting into Uranus causing it to tip on its side
It is called a magnetotail by the mainstream

Uranus sparkles with a greenish blue appearance and now has 9 major rings
Beyond the epsilon outer ring there are the moons Cordelia and Ophelia
They are called shepherd satellites
Because they constrain the extent of the rings

We are told Uranus is 1.7 billion miles away by lamestream astronomers

In myth Nemesis was a demon sun
That long ago attached itself to the Saturnian sun

Moons are not expulsions from planets
Planets are highly charged plasma

Moons are craft designed to change the wave patterns
That are emanating from these divine planetary sources

The satellites repel the authentic and holy discharges that emerge
Distorting them into fallen timelines

The fall of Kali Reema

The sacred cosmic functions are obfuscated into the phantom matrix
And the sound templates of natural elementals
Are merged with foreign and abnormal sound waves

Magnetic distortions and wave anomalies called the Poison Apple Network
Hold together the frequency fence

Anti life inversions that make up the Phantom Matrix capture our pain
And lunar forces suck up our energy

Reversal currents scramble the fire letters of our angelic DNA
Blocking interdimensional perception
And erasing memory of our true history

But the Cosmic Clock is about to strike 12
And we will again act out a new program
Of self awareness authenticity and freedom of choice!