Our 3 dimensional plane
Consists of 2 timelines per dimensional octave

Within these dimensional timelines
Are stations of identity
That make up our higher self

Our higher self projected our soul
Into this lower frequency

As higher frequencies pulsate onto the earth plane
The dimensional octaves are shifted
And the earth inhabitants resonate
At much higher frequencies

The pulsation rate of particles in the lower dimensions speed up
Into the rhythms of the next highest dimensional frequency band
Of the harmonic universe

The lower frequency bands will eventually cease to exist

The transfiguration that is transpiring within our geography
Is affecting ley lines vortices and stargates
And other energy transmissions

This alters the configuration of human and animal energy fields
Effecting our life style and relationships

Our pituitary gland receives these frequencies
And the solar plexus imparts it to the body

If one of these are blocked
A person cannot become spiritually activated

When we change our magnetic resonance to a higher vibration
We deepen our soul bond with our physical body
And align ourselves to the timeline
Of the Cosmic Sovereign Law

When we embody our true soul frequency
We will experience the vibration
Of the next harmonic universe

Which is the plasma layers
Of the electromagnetic strata above us
Surrounding our realm!