There are planned stages of events
For the progression of a hidden agenda

Manipulation is achieved by giving status and material success
To spiritual immature crying babies in adult bodies with a sociopathic mind

Managed cataclysmic events will tear apart morphogenetic fields
Causing widespread death and destruction
And which will limit the accessing of external energy

After 20 years of predictive programming
In the second half of the so called Great Tribulation
Volcanoes will be triggered in early 2022

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma
In the Canary islands which are a part of Spain

And the Kilauea volcano on the big island in Hawaii
Kill all in the way a

Will both erupt in a very violent manner
Causing massive landslides
Which will be blamed for creating huge tsunamis
200 to 300 feet high
Traveling at 500 miles per hour

That will devastate both coasts of America
And parts of Spain Great Britain
And Central and South America

Also 3 volcanoes of the 76 in the Aleutian Range
The Great Sitkin Semisopachnoi and the Pavlov
Have been very active

And there is a high alert for 11 of the 18 volcanoes
In the Cascade Range

This will in turn trigger an economic collapse
And a fake power outage
Which will make for a long winter

Internet service will be cut off
And later it will only be accessible to those
Who have taken the Mark of the Beast
Which is the Corona vaccine

War will also be in the mix
The fake conflict in Taiwan is escalating
With China sending 77 warplanes
Into the Taiwan defense zone

And also there is the fake tensions between
Israel and Jewish controlled Iran

Banks will shut down
And the food supply will be limited

There will be fake reports of a new wave of pestilence
Lockdowns will be enforced by the military

Large military trucks with penetrating sound wave technology
Will patrol the streets

Do not give up

Do not jump in the waters of the afterlife
Because the keys to your next destination are in your pocket
And you might lose them!