The entire platform of the universe
Is moving to a higher structure

So it is fundamental that our 3D realm
Arises also to 5D

The material plane is a thought projection
Thoughts are bio electrical currents

We transmit our thoughts onto the quantum field
The quantum field is made up of protons of pure Source energy

The reason we experience unfortunate circumstances
Is because we allow negative thoughts to come in

The universe is held together by geometrical patterns
That allow spirits to have an experience
And learn lessons on each level of reality

The impacts on our souls are real
But the lower 12 dimensions are simulated by mental projections
That are generated as reality through mathematical equations

At the highest level we are the Source
We are creating the simulation

By controlling your thoughts and emotions
You co create the reality that you exist in
And you put yourself in the timeline you are in

The quantum filed will mimic the resonance you have
Everything you think feel and say
Will come out as a hologram in front of you

The negative structure is part of our hologram
But you can project another more positive version of yourself in another timeline

Move to a higher platform of vibrational sequence!