Life is a video game
And our higher self is at the controls

Your reality is one of the many screens
That is being played out by your choices

This aspect of you that you are experiencing live
Is what is projecting the unique timeline you are on

You can shift timelines that has nothing to do with a negative reality
But it is a process you have to actively continue on

You are creating yourself
And you shift from one snapshot to another
There is no one in the sky waiting to reward or condemn you

Instead of a fluctuating reality
Know that you have the power to create your next momentum

Choose a very strong frequency to override what you do not wish
Make affirmations in the now not of sometime in the future

Manifest from the heart because consciousness is based on the heart structure
Choose to be a positive influence on humanity and on the world of animals

You cannot love animals and eat them at the same time
We are not made to eat flesh and it is very unhealthy

Plants have a high vibrational sequence and are easily digested
Eating them will make your cells more silica which is our true physical nature

Your true self vibrates from the heart
The heart is a valve controlling the output of blood
It is not a pump

Know 100 percent that everything you do is positive
Believe 100 percent that everything is there for you in the quantum structure
You just have to search for what you need

Every belief system is a projection into the quantum field
Each discharge of energy has its own code

The reason it is called a cell phone is because it is affecting your cells
Shots and fluoride deactivate DNA

Distilled water has a negative charge and will eliminate free radicals and heavy metals from your body
It will regenerate you

Sun gazing stimulates the pineal gland
Do not look right into the sun except sparingly at dusk and dawn

Hair is an extension of the nervous system
It brings transmitters to the skin which is used to scan the environment

Treat your body like a temple of god
Which it is!