The fractal harmonics of love
Is messaged into the frequency signature of the heartbeat
The perfect compression waves create the perfect charge distribution

Humans utilize the golden ratio for electrical propagation
Just like snails leaves and proteins

The soul needs an implosion at the time of death
To level it into the universal compressional longitudinal array
At the center of the north polar spiral vortex

The mineral rich Natron Salt of the mummification process drives the charge memory
Adding inertia and coherence capacitive compression to centripetal emission
Natron Salt is a super dielectric charge accelerator

The golden spiral is the ideal vorticity of brain and heart waves
Life is the development of the skill of entering the charge compression of fractality
Following your passion accelerates your charge and builds your aura making you immortal

Pure intent is electrically measurable
And the implosive distribution of immortality is shareable
Heart harmonics is the viability and sustainability of the universe

Sex is the implosion of the DNA in sperm
Artificial insemination has no orgasm and no charge implosion
Thereby inhibiting the spiritual capacity of the offspring
The beauty of the orgasm is the embedding into the aura of the embryo astrological star memory

The physics of the soul is the coherent longitudinal interferometry of attraction
That magnetically creates an electrical rush where there is feeling

Bluetooth and WiFi harmonics are insidiously horrible and destructive to the soul

Poisons affect our DNA and cut us off from our fractal expression of the God Source
Fluoride is dumped into our drinking water which calcifies the pineal gland
Preventing the beaming of our bioelectrical light force into the plasma field

Chlorine is a poison dumped into swimming pools
That stifle our chromosomes and restrict the receptor waves of our spiritual antennae

The medical stabbing of synthetics and messenger RNA into the bloodstream detaches your plasma biofield
It becomes hard to hold vibration and you become beside yourself

But when your DNA increases its toroidal expression
You become radiant and dimensions are added to it

Your sovereign self is your ability to control every aspect of your life
And not give in to the social control system!