Eggs are the unfertilized product of the menstruation cycle of a hen’s period. They contain very high amount of saturated fats and cholesterol. We would do very well if we had no cholesterol in our diet because cholesterol can be made by the cells in our body so we have no need to take any in. Cholesterol is not an essential nutrient as the egg industry likes to proclaim.

According to USDA regulations eggs cannot be called healthy or even nutritionally helpful. So the egg industry calls them ‘nutritionally dense’ because there is no legal definition for that.

Eggs also cannot be called a diet food or a protein source or even that they contribute healthful components. It is illegal for them to be called good for you or part of a well balanced diet or even SAFE! YES IT IS ILLEGAL TO CALL EGGS SAFE TO EAT!

A recent court order ruled that the egg industry had to quit running ads that represented cholesterol as an essential dietary nutrient. And also to quit denying the link between cholesterol and heart disease.

A study in 2012 compared smokers to egg eaters in the rates of arteriosclerosis

College professors receive “grants” from the dairy, meat and egg industries to support their agenda. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. These industries hold sway in the dietary education in our schools and depend upon American’s pathogenic diet.

They also hire celebrities to pimp their “food”.

The egg industry tried to get a vegan mayo off the market. They tried to get a healthy alternative banned because they (the egg industry) exist on the exploitation of hens and the deception that eggs are good for you.

So you see it’s a big propaganda game unfolded upon an unwitting society.

The reality of the egg industry is the mass murder of “useless”male chickens either in a grinder or thrown away in the trash in garbage bags. Females get their beaks cut off so they can’t fight when they’re cramped into small cages with other hens.

Bacteria outbreaks such as Salmonella are common. Cages are stacked upon one another and feces and urine drip down on other hens. More than 100,000 Americans are inflicted with Salmonella every year.

Then when the hens have outlived their usefulness they are shipped off to the slaughterhouse. This is where they see their only glimpse of sunlight their whole lives. ‘Free range’ just means stuffed in a crowded warehouse. Scared and traumatized their fate is be electrocuted, hung upside down and then get their heads sliced off. They feel what we would feel if we were in that same experience.

Hens suffer throughout their lives. They are helpless and receive not a bit of empathy or concern.

Stop supporting cruelty!

And love yourself by eating a healthy plant based diet!