1) Jesus would say to be radically kind and not to argue against compassion
2) He would say it is wrong to confine animals to small spaces all their life
3) And that we need to reawaken our true nature which is empathy for our animal brethren
4) Jesus would preach that animals value their lives as much as we value ours
5) He would inform us that we are not designed to eat meat and were never meant to consume animals or drink their secretions
6) We would also tell us to quit using terms such as pork, veal, ham, venison, bacon, beef and steak to separate our actions of eating an animal from the reality of suffering that an animal must go through to end up on our plate
7) And that we are programmed not to care and to accept the status quo which makes us habitually cruel
8) That we commit violent acts of indifference toward these other beings who suffer terribly as a result
9) Jesus would say that we can expand our consciousness by our diet
10) He would say to listen to your heart and if you feel sympathy for animals but still eat them then your actions are not aligned with your morals
11) He would say don’t be fooled by the neatly wrapped packages of meat on the supermarket shelf which belie the bloody murder from whence they came
12) And that the connection of what is actually being eaten is not made because you never see heads, hooves or tails in these neatly wrapped packages
13) Jesus would tell us we eat eggs without thinking they are the menstrual period of a hen
14) And that we call animals game to make us feel it is OK to shoot them
15) And the pain ducks and geese feel when their feathers get ripped out for pillows and blankets would be similar to someone ripping out your hair
16) That all animals have a nervous system and are equipped to feel pain
17) Jesus would say that spiritual growth means to expand even to other species and then demand fair treatment for all
18) And that our momentary taste pleasure is not worth a life
19) And neither is tradition, culture or convenience worth taking a life
20) He would say eating someone else should be considered abnormal
21) And that having someone else’s rib cage on your plate is neurotic
22) Jesus would point out that fish are very sensitive and feel pain acutely and he would never take them out of the water because they would then start to suffocate and gasp for air in agony
23) And that He would never feed fish to his friends or followers because fish like all animals contain very high amounts of unhealthy cholesterol and saturated fats
24) Jesus would not be concerned about his protein level since every plant has protein which is easily digestible unlike the acidic and hard to digest protein from animals
25) Jesus would not choose an unhealthy diet that involved suffering and death
26) He would have compassion for all beings
27) He would know that God the Father did not make His creatures to be food and clothing
28) He would know that God created them with the ability to think and feel, be happy and sad, be curious and playful and have dreams and desires just like we do
29) And that they have the desire to live just like us
30) That they have families just like we do
31) He would think it is wrong to live at the expense of someone else’s suffering
32) He would say that animals don’t want or desire abuse
33) He would tell people to respect what God has made
34) That the bodies of animals are for them and not for you to use
35) He would say that what you consume affects your soul
36) And that animals have souls too
37) He would advocate a higher way of living
38) And champion a morally superior way of making compassionate and wise food choices
39) He would say Do not turn a blind eye to suffering
40) And that the callous inhumane treatment of animals is something more aligned with the Devil
41) Jesus would know that animals are meant to be our companions
42) And that all animal products are the result of cruelty
43) He would not degrade living creatures to a commodity
44) He would know that eating animals reduces people’s ability to feel and connect
45) He would quote the first commandment that says Thou Shall Not Kill
46) He would preach Do Unto Others As You would Have Them Do Unto You
47) He would say it is not natural to eat animals and we do so because of our fallen state
48) He would seek to end the worst crime in human history
49) He would seek to bring to the public’s attention the atrocities which the meat, dairy and egg industries try to conceal
50) He would preach that no living being should be forced into exploitation
51) He would not want animals hung up at the slaughterhouse with their throats cut trying to free themselves
52) He would not want their skin ripped off while they are still conscious or semi conscious
53) He would not want pigs to be lowered into gas chambers and burn from the inside out
54) He would speak up aganst the millions of baby chicks being ground up everyday
55) And He would say His Father is aware of each one of them just like He is aware of each sparrow that falls to the ground
56) He would say that cruelty disguised and excused as dominion is sin
57) He would advocate being good stewards of God’s creation
58) He would advocate the perfect will of God
59) He would not be prejudiced against beings with 4 legs or beaks or scales or feathers or hooves or claws
60) He would die for animals also
61) Jesus would point out that we can easily get calcium and iron from plants without having to filter these nutrients through animals
62) He would not be amused with clowns that have big smiles and call their food happy meals to hide the suffering that is the basis of their products
63) He would speak out against the lies concerning health and nutrition that are promoted by the meat, dairy and egg industries that mask the true reality of the sickness that they cause
64) He would point out that the strongest animals such as gorillas, elephants, rhinos and hippos are vegan
65) He would say it is hypocritical to try and justify the mass murder of animals yet love your own pet
66) He would say to widen your circle of compassion
67) Jesus would say we are not treating our body as a Temple of God when we consume the corpses of abused animals
68) Jesus would know that the saturated fat and cholesterol from eating animals clog our veins and arteries, smother our organs, prevent normal cell functioning and restricts blood flow
69) And that it is the fat build-up in our insulin producing beta cells that restricts the production of insulin which causes diabetes
70) He would point out that when children see animals they want to care for them and that our real impulses are not to harm or eat animals
71) He would preach that the driving force of the meat, dairy and egg industries is the profit motive at the expense of animals and our health
72) He would inform us that when we eat hamburger we also eat the blood, hair, urine, sex organs, excrement and skin of the animals
73) And that the absorption of body parts requires the production of many more enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin causing the body to become acidic
74) And when the body is acidic it is a breeding ground for bacteria
75) And harmful bacteria are plentiful in animal products
76) He would say we have been mislead into associating eating animals with fun and health when in reality it is the industry of suffering and death
77) He would ask How would you like to be treated only as food
78) He would point out that if you were confined to a small space all your life you would cry out This is wrong! This is insanity! This is evil!
79) He would tell us that after we are weaned our bodies naturally quit producing lactase which is the enzyme needed to metabolize lactose
80) And that cow’s milk is 75 percent lactose and it is intended for a baby cow to become an 800 pound adult cow and it is not for humans
81) And that the milk moustache is pus from somatic cells produced by the cow to fight off bacterial infections caused by milking machines
82) He would point out that human females would not enjoy being hooked up to milking machines and neither do female cows
83) Jesus would say it is wrong to rape cows with a rape rack just so she will become pregnant and lactate
84) He would say it is insane to murder baby cows so that they don’t drink their mother’s milk which is intended for them
85) He would say that the dairy industry which rapes, murders and then steals the mother’s milk so that it can be sold to humans at a profit is evil
86) He would also say that it is a sin to rip off horns, slice beaks, slit throats and cut off heads
87) Jesus would say that the biggest transgression in all of history is the belief that animals are here for us to eat and wear
88) He would say a living breathing thinking feeling being who has a soul and is a special expression of God’s creation and who happens to be an animal should not be denied the Golden Rule
89) He would say that God the Father created the Garden of Eden vegan where no one ate anybody else and this is God’s preference
90) He would reiterate that eating meat causes cancers, diabetes and strokes and that consuming dairy causes allergies, acne and asthma and that hen’s eggs have very meager nutritional value and are loaded with unhealthy fat and cholesterol and are the reproductive cell of a hen and were never meant to be eaten
91) He would say that He would never eat a baby sheep because He would be aware of the suffering that must take place in order for that piece of meat to be on a dinner plate and that we should pay more attention to John’s account that states He was not even around during Passover
92) He would say that when you purchase an animal product you are supporting the enslavement, torture and murder of animals
93) He would say if you are not able to wield the knife at the slaughterhouse then don’t pay somebody else to do it
94) He would protest at slaughterhouses and advocate for them to be shut down
95) Jesus would advocate self empowering thoughts that promote life, positive energy and beauty
96) He would advise Not only do you attract what you think and do you become what you think and do
97) He would point out that beauty, a positive outlook and life are enhanced by a harmonious existence with animals
98) He would say that if a belief no longer serves us we need to delete it and install an update and become new versions of ourselves that promote beautiful beliefs and sends out positive energy
99) A version that incorporates the well being of others in our daily decisions
100) That cultivates self love by advocating nutrition and supports the idea that body, mind and soul are interconnected
101) And that we need to elevate ourselves with higher thoughts that make us vibrate at higher frequencies that enable us to reach out, expand and evolve