University studies have shown fish feel pain acutely. They are even more sensitive than humans.
We put a hook in their jaw, force them out of the water and deprive them of their ability to breathe.
While they are still alive a knife is thrust into their belly and their stomach is ripped open.
Fishermen do not even consider that what they are doing is causing massive suffering.
And people generally view fish and other marine animals as non thinking and non feeling objects.
It’s the same situation with crabs and lobsters.
They are routinely killed by putting them in boiling hot water.
Any animal with a nervous system and a brain to process information is equipped to feel pain!
Fish, crab, lobsters and other sea life feel the same agony and torment we would feel if we were in their position of being killed for food.
We put pigs in gas chambers.
We stab cows and goats in the neck while they are hanging upside down.
We stuff rabbits, dogs, cats and mice in cages and do hideous experiments on them.
We rip the fur off of foxes, coyotes and mink.
We tear out the feathers of ducks and geese.
And now we are now devouring horses.
If the truth be known humans are used for food also.
This is true not only in very primitive tribes but in the upper echelon of our society.
And it has been going on for many hundreds of years.
It began in imitation of the heavenly planetary gods.
When anthropomorphized these celestial orbs looked like they were cannibalizing others.
As with all meat eaters the taste becomes addictive.
There is even a hormone called adrenochrome which the body releases when under great pain.
When consumed by another person it will give them a high.
Meat at McDonalds when analyzed is found to consist of human and animal flesh.
There’s not much difference between the two.
Mainly a small variation of taste.
Most everyone is a cannibal without even realizing it.
Eating the flesh of another being lowers your vibration and makes it impossible for you to have compassion towards the one you are consuming.
When people don’t feel anything towards animals don’t expect them to be full of compassion towards humans.
When we eat animals we are eating not only their flesh which is their muscles and tendons but we consume their blood, veins, organs, intestines, feces and urine also.
Eating the flesh of animals or human animals is not only disgusting it is unhealthy.
The saturated fats and cholesterol clog up arteries resulting in heart attacks, strokes and palpitations. It invades our organs and prevents normal functioning. Kidneys are greatly stressed due to the buildup of ammonia as a waste product from trying to process acidic animal protein. Cells get smothered so that glucose cannot be absorbed which results in diabetes.
This selfish act of devouring flesh comes back to haunt you!
We are not carnivores like some animals are.
We do not salivate at the sight of a dead animal.
Our natural instincts are to care for animals.
Animals eat other animals because they have to in order to survive.
The only time it is OK for us to consume flesh is in a survival situation.
We continue the practice of devouring animals even though we are herbivores.
The saliva in our mouths is meant to digest carbohydrates.
We do not have long pointed canine teeth.
Our jaw moves the same as other herbivores.
Our intestines are lengthy just like animal herbivores.
We absorb nutrients, protein, calcium, vitamins easily and plentiful from plants and fruits.
Flesh has no enzymes and is hard to digest.
The biggest and strongest animals such as gorillas, elephants, hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses are all vegan.
The Garden of Eden as well as other creation accounts are portrayed as a paradise where God provided only fruit and plants to eat.
In an age where we grow plenty of food there is no need to act like barbaric carnivores.
It is time to act the way we are supposed to.
And live in this world the way it was meant to be!