University studies have shown fish feel pain acutely. Similar to humans. And we put a hook in their jaw, force them out of the water and deprive them of their ability to breathe. A knife is thrust into their belly and their stomach is ripped open. While they are alive. But most people only view them as non thinking, non feeling objects and think it’s OK. So we do similar things to other animals.

When I mention that crabs and lobsters are killed by putting them in boiling hot water people respond by saying “Who cares! They are only crabs and lobsters.” But do you know they feel the same pain humans feel. Any animal with a nervous system is equipped to feel pain as well as other emotions. So they feel the same agony and torment we would feel if we were tossed alive into boiling hot water.

But now they’re doing the same thing to pigs! Is that all right also. Who’s next? Cows? Horses? All Animals? Humans? When people don’t feel anything towards animals don’t expect them to be full of compassion towards humans.

We eat animals because we think it is healthy. Eating the flesh, blood, muscles, tendons, veins, organs of animals is not only unhealthy it is disgusting. The saturated fats and cholesterol clog up the arteries and cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. It has little nutritional value. This selfish act of devouring animals comes back to haunt you!

Religion and myth will attest to this: that in the earliest times humans and animals lived in harmony. The earth provided plentiful amounts of sustenance to nourish our bodies. Then a catastrophe(s) occurred. Food became scarce. Humans as well as some animals turned to eating each other. Sometimes for survival. Sometimes to alleviate the pangs of hunger. Certain animals even adapted themselves to a carnivorous lifestyle and changed physically.

We have kept up the practice of devouring animals even though we are still herbivores. The saliva in our mouths is meant to digest carbohydrates. Our jaw moves the same as other herbivores and many have the same type of canine teeth we do. We absorb nutrients, protein, calcium, vitamins easily and plentiful from plants fruits, nuts, grains, seeds etc. and not from meat which has no enzymes.

In an age where we grow plenty of food there is no need to act like savage Barbarians. It is time to act the way we are supposed to. And live in this world the way it was meant to be!