Humans are under a spell
A delusion

Even the insiders and billionaires
And high ranking Free Masons
Who are cooperating and amassing wealth and power
But who do not have reptilian genes
Will have to eventually take the vaccine

An electromagnetic signal or kill switch
The turning on of 5G
To full power

Will open up cells and cause injected viruses
Which have been in a long incubation period
As well as newly introduced viruses
To invade healthy cells at a rapid rate

And affect the global population

The vaccine is not a vaccine
It is a binary weapon
A weaponized designer virus
In the form of a vaccine

A trinary biochemical weapon system that has
1) The Corona CO2 virus
2) 18 fragments of HIV in a third strand or flap
3) Genetically modified RNA

Whose purpose is to infect people
And engineered to change the DNA

Through recombinant genes and viruses
That have been taken from different sources
And combined

And additional components of nano particles
Which delivers the Mark of the Beast system

People do not want to know
That this is to reduce the population
And enslave the remainder!