Loosh is the emotional spirited energy
Radiated by humans and animals when suffering

It is negatively charged soul essence
When the blood has heightened molecular content
From the input of adrenaline

Secret societies are built upon this usurping of energy

It is accomplished through black magic rituals of sacrifice
Mass psychological operations such as convincing humans that eating animals is good and natural
And by the feeding of reversal currents into ley lines

Projects such as CERN and HAARP create reversal currents

HAARP which is the High Atmospheric Auroral Research Program
Focuses a beam which penetrates the lower atmosphere
It can cool or heat it

There are over 100 HAARP stations
They steer the upper level wind
And create high pressure zones with clockwise spins

Project Sirius is the steering of hurricanes

Nano particles in aerosol spraying are heated by HAARP stations

When you see a white haze in the air
That is silver iodine polymer fibers aluminum and toxic chemicals
Each particle responds to different frequencies

Weather is manufactured
And the chemical rain has profound effects on our biology

Frogs and toads which absorb easily through the skin
Were the first to go

The madness has been turned up a notch with the installation of 5G towers

Dentists who take out your wisdom teeth
Give you fluoride
Scrape off your enamel
Install mercury
And drill away at your precious teeth

Are outdone now by doctors
Who inject you with transhumanism nano particles
While you are strapped on a respirator

When we stop the loosh feeder programs
They are taken off line
Because their power source is depleted

When we say no to all animal products
Which are the result of suffering
We also stop feeding negative energy systems

When we are revolted by the thought of eating someone else’s muscles
Which is what we do when we eat meat
We attain a higher spirituality

Because our body cannot properly break down and assimilate animal tissue
And because it also has a hard time getting rid of it
The muscles and tendons are stored as fat

100% of the cholesterol and 97% of the saturated fats
Our body stores is from animals

The unneeded stored fat we carry is mostly broken down animal muscle
Which gives us various health issues

Eating animals not only disconnects us spiritually
And harms us physically
It feeds the loosh systems of negative entities!