We just need a song
To follow the Pied Piper into war

Music affects our consciousness
The right frequency will incite violence

Because of indoctrination we subconsciously celebrate death
We thank veterans for their service

We kill animals and mount their heads on a wall
And glorify their murder when we eat them

The casting of a spell is the striking of a tone

In the past we killed each other because an Archduke was said to have been assassinated
Or because one of our military boats was said to have been attacked
By a nation that did not have a Navy
Or because a person sitting in a cave was directing terrorists who were hijacking planes

We are disconnected from the God Source
We are disconnected from nature
And we are disconnected from each other

The Natural Order has been distorted
The Divine Blueprint has been manipulated

Consciousness is energy
The consequence of choice and its accumulated energy
Will either expand us or shut us down

The enemy is our insistence to look for someone
For an excuse to engage in violence

You will need a costume a weapon and a manipulation of your mind
To make it fashionable to kill

And the Pied Piper will hypnotize you
As you fragment your soul

Focus on your heart based living light consciousness
Only then will you be able to enter trans harmonic gateways!