Fear shame and doubt are frequencies that oscillate over your DNA with a wide band

The love mode is a frequency that oscillates much faster and much closer together
Therefore more of the spiraling motion is touching your DNA strands
Which means you are operating at a higher vibration

In order to hold a higher vibration you have to possess the physical capability to do so
Which means a diet of high vibrating foods such as fruit vegetables nuts and seeds is very important
And an exclusion of low vibrating substances such as meat dairy and eggs

Our DNA is a storage mechanism or hard drive that contains coded information

Non coded DNA is also comprised of a structured language but needs to be activated
Higher vibrations will decipher plug in and turn on unused DNA

The pH is the measure of voltage in a liquid
Electron donors are alkaline and electron stealers are acidic

Your cells need voltage
Alkaline foods such as fresh local organic fruits vegetables nuts and seeds
Have the most live energy or electrical voltage

Meat dairy and eggs have the lowest voltage and are acidic

Acupuncture focuses on meridians of fibrous connective tissue
Which are semiconductors that move electrons
Tissues are a wiring pattern that create a battery network

Teeth are connected to the same circuit
And are attached to the lymphatic system

Root canals are circuit breakers
Naive dentists drill a hole in the tooth with an auger
Ripping out the tooth artery and nerves
Then filling it full of toxic putty

Root canals kill the tooth and will slowly kill you
Find a dentist with knowledge and integrity
Who will fix it as much as possible

Most people accept the version of reality in which they are presented
And are not ready to be unplugged from the system

Short term dopamine feedbacks is characteristic of how our society works
Humanity is being subtly manipulated and told what to believe

We trust the puppets of the matrix
And ignore our inner voice and intuition

We are directed into what we should focus on
And what to pursue with our free time

We are exploited
And are taught the exploitation of others
In what we do and what we eat!