Words thoughts and emotions send out electrical currents
That intermingle with the environment

Electromagnetic codes re encrypt the quantum field
Inspiriting elemental matter forms

We exist in matrices of crystalline holographic architecture
That forms timelines

When we are collectively deceived to react a certain way
It generates alien networks
That interfere block and scramble our natural DNA frequencies and vertical alignments
Which connect us to the harmonic universe

Our realm is limited by our collective perception

Holographic inserts are false memories
That have been programmed upon our consciousness

Brain mapping technology is used to create a series of AI networks
That are remotely controlled

And an alien neural network of false holograms
That manifest artificial timelines

The agenda is to link human minds with an artificial brain
To create a hive mind

Armageddon software is a mind control program
That is broadcast to terrorize humanity and enforce militarization

During Black Magic rituals
Bewitching formulas are chanted
And invocations of sorcery are sung

These are codes which affect the quantum field
That produce lower frequencies of false beliefs
And a supply of collective loosh

We all participate in this hologram

The god self within us needs to be awakened
Our divinity needs to be exposed

We will go as far as our intent and imagination will take us
Allow your imagination to be without boundaries

Align yourself to the Laws of the Universe
And it will help you create!