The subconscious is not natural
It stores information too painful to be felt

When we do not feel ourselves we become desperate
And when we cannot feel the collective structure
We become numb and project our emptiness upon others
It is like a hypnotic spell which needs to be undone

As a result religion can easily control us with weapons of fear

The black magic arts of the occult can then extract our energy
And AI will seek to turn us into biological robots

The Illuminati signals other members where they control our thinking
9 is a code for un upside down 6
When it is said the sun is 93 million miles away
It is code for 6 and 3 which means three sixes or 666

The sun is also said to spin at 66,000 miles an hour

The hymnal book I looked at on Christmas had 966 hymnals

33 means upper level Freemason or Illuminati status
Jesus is said to be 33 years old
When he supposedly was crucified in the year AD 33

It means they are controlling the narrative

We are constantly lied to about our world and our existence
To keep us in a virtual reality where we are easily controlled

Many You Tube videos show numbers of views that are Illuminati signals
That they are behind the video

We create our future
When we co create with our higher selves
We create a positive reality

When we let negative expressions tell us what to believe
We put ourselves in a negative reality
And are easily controlled

Words and beliefs create sound waves that transform into holograms
Negative holograms transmit delusional outcomes
We become used to our negative reality and think that it is the way it is supposed to be

One person can create a timeline that will have a ripple effect on the collective
Our impact on the astral realms is very strong

People who connect themselves to archons and parasitic entities are self destructive
The ones who participate in child sacrifices are sealing their own doom

Our biology is vegan
The eating of meat is an extension of black magic rituals

We fill ourselves with tortured energy when we eat animals
We connect ourselves to it and resonate with it

We put ourselves in a hypnotic trance like state of numbness
And acquiesce to the unnatural condition of being ruled over

We use stupid terms like organic meat and free range
And think body parts of animals in supermarkets is natural

We cut ourselves off from empathy
Having no feelings for the dead tortured animal
Which we are eating!