The over 40,000 islands in the South Pacific
Are filled with elaborate energy transmitters
That are being passed off as temples

Pyramids were electrical couplets that generated free energy
Which was sent to the transmitters to be used on a local basis

Our universe is a double torus with an electrical vortex in the center
That the fixed stars circle around returning to their exact location every year

When plasma storms down the vortex it becomes magnetized
Attracting the wandering stars that we call planets

The planets become conduits of living life force energy
They assume a frightening appearance with an awesome splendor

Venus becomes the Lady of Fire
The Torch Star with a tempestuous radiance
The Devouring Flame and the Scorching One

The Queen of Heaven could transform herself into a snake
Becoming the Glorious Serpent and the Terrifying Dragon

She also became the Raging Eye
And the Whirling Dancer with comet like hair

She was the daughter of Anu who was Saturn the Heavenly Father
Making her one of the Annunaki
Her brilliance filled the former sky

When Mars alighted in front of Venus
Mars would be filled with the radiance of the Mother Goddess

The herald angelic orbs of the heavens would sing
Glory to the new born King

As life giving plasma filled the air
God and humans were reconciled

Light and sound waves create plasma
The electrical reverberation in heaven had a tonal frequency
O hear the angels voices
Angels we have heard on high

As the blessed angels sang
They bent down towards middle heaven
With their harps of gold

After Mars sat on the right hand of God on High who was Saturn
The Son Of God descended
The saints met the Savior in the air

If you are not able to hold the incoming positive charge
You will be magnetically drawn upwards

It will be harvest time
The tares will be separated from the wheat

This cyclical event is coming upon us
Have the courage to question your belief system!