Evil is the absence of love
Love is the absence of fear

The fear of death is the fear of the unknown
And the fear of separation from loved ones

Death is the transfer of attention
Moving out of one expression into another

In the flow of infinite awareness
There are different points of attention

Each is just a brief experience of consciousness
Under the umbrella of the God Source

We are of the same eternal consciousness
We are explorers with different experiences

When you enter the heart vortex
You experience the greatest energy

It opens you to infinity
And all that can be

The universe is full of different life forms
Each life form on earth has their higher expressions
Which we call ETs

The praying mantis or insectoid has amazing telepathic abilities
They cultivate humans as a food source by creating human clone hybrids
And put them in a state of drowsiness with their thoughts

Humans genocide other species for food with violent acts
The way we do that and the way our Satanic elite tortures children
Is appalling to the mantis and other ETS

They agree it is best to stop all of it

It produces negative energy fields
And does not accumulate anything positive

When we respect each other we all gain

It is time to move to the next chapter
Where we never use each other

Where all beings create a reality
In which we coexist peacefully
And work together for the better

Where there are no predators
And no one is manipulating others for their own agenda

I had a dream where there was going to be a high level meeting
To discuss the outlawing of all animal genocide facilities
Otherwise known as slaughterhouses

The heart has a powerful electromagnetic field
When opened it dominates the head!