Horus was born of a virgin on December 25
3 wise men came to visit him
He was taken to Egypt to escape the heavenly serpent Typhon

He was the son of god and had 12 disciples
He was the morning star and light of the world

He walked on water and performed miracles
He was baptized by Anup the Baptizer
And raised El Azurus from the grave

He was crucified and was dead for 3 days
Then was transfigured on a mountaintop

These corresponding associations with Jesus
Can also be found in the myths of Attis Mithra Krishna Dionysius

These are Mars gods whose activities in the former age
Comprises the central beliefs of religion and myth throughout the world

Eve was said to be fashioned by the rib of man
The rib refers to the backbone of the sky
Which is the illuminated central vortex of our universe
Now called the aurora borealis

Eve was Venus
And the talking serpent n the magical tree was the spiraling electrical current of the north celestial polar column
Which comes into view as plasma influx turns it into glow mode

Noahs Ark was a celestial apparition that appeared in the previous era
Penguins did not walk thousands of miles to hop into a boat built by a 500 year old man

The holy communion was the transfer of plasma by Mars to the surrounding celestial orbs called the 12 apostles
This cosmic formation in the former epoch created the Merkabah or House of the Lord

The drinking of blood and the eating of flesh has been promoted by the parasitic psychopathic elite
Who are themselves controlled by off world influences

The ritual is not only symbolized and given power in religion
But manifests in everyday life
As unnatural carnivorous behavior promotes the slaughtering of innocent and intelligent beings
Who are filled with a soul and with the breath of life
And very sensitive to pain

The mass genocide is one of many taboo subjects that the controlled clergy are prohibited from addressing

Non religious people are looking at Trump as their savior
Or at Elon Musk who wants to microchip everybody

Spiritual gurus are appearing everywhere
Some are genuine but many are gatekeepers
And experimentations of a secret genetic program

As the current age draws to a close
The powers in the heavens will once again alter their accustomed paths

Our contained medium will be flooded with life giving plasma
Which will enhance our spiritual intuition and discernment

False paradigms will dissolve
And we will once again be drawn close to the gods in the sky!