The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812
Are supposed to be the biggest in history

Fissures are said to have formed which were over 5 miles long

The sky was dark the air smelled and it was hard to breathe

A great comet appeared called the Tecumseh Comet

Wars as well as earthquakes broke out all over

When Napolean invaded Moscow
He was aided with energy weapons

Russia at that time was Tartaria
The Tartarian Empire was the millennial reign of peace
That succeeded the overthrow of Lemuria Atlantis Egypt Sumeria India and others

Ancient buildings were radiated and became melted rock formations
Which are now National Parks
Supposedly the remains of hundreds of millions of years of slow erosion
By wind water and seasonal temperature change

Canyonlands Monument Valley Arches and Zion National Parks in Utah are prime examples

As well as the Writing on Stone Provincial Park
On the Alberta and US border

Driving down the Shafer Trail in Canyonlands
One is overwhelmed by the devastation
And the unique displays of destruction
Of now massive towering rock structures

Our world has a history that is not taught in school
And we live in a reality not acknowledged by any institution of higher learning

We are now at an electrical peak cycle
That is supposed to be a naturally occurring ascension process

There is a desperation to keep our consciousness at a certain low bandwidth
So that we will not arise
And assume our true divine nature

We have the power and the opportunity
To be sovereign beings once again

A good place to start is to quit eating our fellow earth inhabitants
Animals who can think and feel

Who have souls
And want to have good lives
Like we do

Who try to avoid pain
Which is forced upon them by uncaring humans

Who only care about profit
And their temporary taste pleasure!