Helicoptors with free space optical lasers
Can pulse frequencies into LED lights
That will dramatically increase the electric field

That is why they want you locked in your house
With your ‘energy saving’ LED light bulbs on everywhere
So they can light you up with thousands of milliwatts of electricity

Military personnel have been used as test subjects
To insert artificial chromosomes
That radically alter the human genome

HACs are people with human artificial chromosomes
With copied and pasted genes

They have created genetic super soldiers
As well as ape humans

These super soldiers do not need sleep
And can outrun anyone
They can carry hundreds of pounds

They can communicate telepathically
And even regrow limbs

They can be controlled thousands of miles away
They will be callous and capable of extreme atrocities
Without any moral impediments

They will be unleashed during WW3

Chinese troops are set to invade after a planned cataclysmic event
Under the guise of a humanitarian operation

A famine will be induced by weather modification systems
Hurricanes and tornadoes are pushed by scalar wave HAARP technology

Huge storms and tornadoes will be maneuvered through growing areas

We are batteries to them
And they need our loosh
To continue this crazy program!