There are 2 timelines per dimensional octave
And within our 3D reality we have 6 timelines

When you energetically move up in frequency
You are exposed to more dimensional octaves
And more potential timelines

Within these future timelines are stations of identity
Or your higher self

Being able to tune into these identities and events
Is part of becoming multidimensional

When suppression and impairment of our consciousness
From inorganic architecture and false timelines prevents this
It is enslavement

As your integrity expands
Your white gold crystalline frequency is activated

As virtues increase
Your platinum heart ray repairs and recodes your genetics
Creating diamond sun DNA

When we clear our energetic conflicts we change timelines
And the future direction of our consciousness

Then the original 12 strand double diamond DNA comes on line
That accesses 24 dimensions of consciousness
And allows for physical body immortality

There are 15 realms in this dimension

As we move toward light
We will reach a critical mass
That changes the agreement that suffering is OK

But we must hold enough light

We must unite our eternal consciousness
With the life source code

We can become so much more

Whatever we can dream
Can become a reality!