Each color of the rainbow has its own frequency
And the sky is blue because of the electrical stimulation of the sun

Notice the tone of your frequency
Be the energy you want to express

Your identity is constructed within the matrix
When you self identify with labels
You perceive yourself in limited terms

Fear controls the simulation in all its forms
You cannot escape this reality into a higher one
If you vibrate at a low frequency

When you conquer a fear in one area it vanquishes other fears
If you have a fear of heights then take up the sport of wall climbing in a supervised gymnasium
That is what I have done

Your breath infuses your entire existence
With life giving oxygen

If you react with fear you stifle your flow of energetic prana
And you become unable to express your true self

Trauma puts you in self doubt
When panic from a childhood event surfaces it blocks the throat chakra

You dial into a really low frequency
And enter survival mode

It is not where you belong

The other day I was bike riding
And a new blue colored SUV passed me
Blue is the color of the throat chakra

One of the girls in the SUV leaned out the window
She waved and yelled at me in a favorable way

I took it as a sign
That my throat chakra is being healed!