Your imagination is a powerful creative force
Using it can completely change your life

When you vividly imagine what you desire with intense emotion it becomes real
Apply your imagination to visualize your wishes in complete detail

Use this potent creative force in beautiful and magnificent ways
You can create feelings of joy just by using your imagination

You are an eternal dreamer dreaming non eternal dreams
And you are an eternal dream
You are your imagination dreaming your dreams into reality

Your dreams take form as you assume the feelings of their reality
Your world in its every detail in your consciousness objectified

You see outwardly the contents of your consciousness
Whatever you can imagine you can realize

Live in and have your being in the feeling
That your wish is an accomplished fact

Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation
Control of your subconscious means dominion over all

Conform your ideals to the mood of wish fulfilled
It is the high tide that easily lifts us so we may announce that our affirmations have come to pass

Give your imagery sensory vividness
Through imaginal sight sound scent taste and touch

Dreams are realized by the imaginative
Change your imagination and the facts will change
Through the medium of a controlled waking dream we can predetermine our future

Do not think of your dream think from your dream
And you will cross the bridge of random incidents
To the other side that answers your adventurous fancy

When you identify yourself with your imagination rather than through your senses
You have discovered at long last the core of reality

Revise your past according to your ideal
And live your future as your imaginal activity in its creative march

Assert the supremacy of your imaginal acts
And you will put all things in subjection to them!