Lying has become so natural and compulsive by those deceiving others
That there is no longer any emotional discomfort

When people lie the energy field gets distorted
And the spreading of darkness encroaches upon the soul light

Their soul becomes fractured
Disconnecting the person from life and their relation to others
Which leads to negative energy attachments and possessions

The general public falls victim to liars whose words and thoughts oppose each other
Because they have lost their innate telepathy which enables them to recognize
The types of energy around them

Deception and lies are considered holy
By the ones who use dark rituals and blood sacrifices
Because it generates a false reality which serves their agenda
Of stealing the life force of others

They include the ones you commonly see on television
Or who are promoted on the internet

They believe since the masses are lower and weaker
It is their legitimate right to lie and use them

But the masses push the same belief upon vulnerable and innocent animals

When a person engages in black magic rituals and spell casting
They believe the dark forces will actually be beneficial to them
It is true but only for the short term
They will eventually be put through a labyrinth of pain and agony
Culminating in a tragic death

With the general public it is with the use of hard drugs that create a chemical doorway
Generated in an altered state of consciousness
That allows parasitic entities to access their physical body

Because of their alien hybridization and genetic modification
Ruling families are telepathic with entities

The game is stealing life force energy from others
To be used by a select few
And the entities they have sold themselves out to

To play the masters on this material plane
Not achieving it by any personal merit

Through lies which gain peoples consent
The masses kill each other through wars and fake pandemics
To provide negative energy for the dark entities to feed upon
Which is the price of the controllers blood debt
Incurred for just a temporary gratification of a selfish desire

To avoid being trapped in lower dimensions
Entities feed on negative emotional energy or loosh

When they are in possession of human bodies
They drink blood to sustain themselves
And are vampires

But the masses routinely consume the blood of animals
When they eat their muscles and tendons referred to as meat

The current fake pandemic is a Mass Satanic Ritual Sacrifice
During Satanic rituals they wear masks
And stand six feet apart!