Anti aircraft footage in the news
Is actually a video game overlay

They are going to use people to fight in a war
That is not real

The hyped up sensations cause a field energy affect
It is like a sugar rush or caffeine hit

Causing the masses to keep looping in artificial fear programs

Veils of illusion trap people in artificial perceptions of existence

US banks are said to be preparing
For a cyber attack from Russia

It is all a plan to down the current financial system
And bring in the Beast system
Where the vaxxed will merge with AI

Nanobots in the vaccine will connect the neocortex to the Cloud

The last prophecy of Nostradamus
Was the Eye of the Kraken
It is the tipping point of the fate of the world

The Kraken is a legendary Nordic sea monster that engulfs ships

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell has repeatedly used the phrase Release the Kraken
When she talks about how Trump should still be in office
And was a victim of voter fraud

Trump has referred to himself as the Chosen One and King of Israel

The Seattle hockey team is called the Kraken

The Second Coming of Trump will coincide with an event upon Seattle
Which will hurl the US into a preplanned staged World War

Trump will eventually be said to be killed
And Kamala Harris who is really a guy
Will be the last US President!