The human body is composed of vibrating energy
With moving atoms flashing in and out of the fabric of space time

Thoughts are energetic substances that can be read or felt

The brain contains neurons that mirror energetic information in other minds
It relays a copy of this information back to the observer
This is how empathy is generated

When humans lose that innate telepathy they digress into psychopathic conditions
As one is more spiritually attuned their auric output is increased
Allowing them to pick up on others thoughts and emotions more readily

The pre dream and dream state are optimal times to receive telepathic messages
In the form of words images or numbers

In the pre dream state words come in specific tones and you can sense gender and emotional state

In the dream state you can see people as you interact with them
Sometimes though the images of people you see
Are only your subconscious showing you that you have a characteristic of their personality

Original music and beautiful art can be experienced in dreams
Through emotional sensations of sound and color waves

During the dream state linear thought and mental chatter is suspended
So impressions and information can be directly picked up the cells
Which contain our DNA
DNA are instruction sets enabling cells not only to receive and transmit energy signals
Between each other but also with the outside environment
All interactions have a major effect on the energy field

Cellular telepathy is stronger when the solar plexus nervous system and neural networks
Are in good working order

The digestive system is like a second brain
Full of bacteria and neurons communicating and cooperating
This is your gut instinct

When brain waves and neurotransmitters are stable and coherent
It heightens intuition and gives a greater sense of well being

Toxins damage networks and biological systems
Animal fats clog our passageways
And smother cells inhibiting transmission

As DNA signals are finely tuned and natural telepathy is restored
Perception of non human intelligences occur more easily

Telepathic communication occurs more readily between those with a similar DNA template
Or between those that have strong emotional bonds such as pets

Pets can help process your emotional pain and rebalance blocked energy
Animals in the wild can effectively harmonize environmental energy
And purify ley lines
Humans also when they focus can apply benevolent forces
And open up energy flows

Connecting to someone can happen by just focusing energy on them
When someone pops into your mind
It could be because they were thinking about you!