The logo of CERN is three intertwining sixes
Or 666 the Mark of the Beast

In the front entrance there is a statue of Shiva
Which is the Hindu god of destruction

The object of CERN is to open wormholes or portals
Blending them with artificial AI timelines
And putting our world into a phantom matrix

Allowing easy access for negative aliens
To plunder the earths resources
And use the inhabitants for trafficking

CERN will also collect and direct life force energy
Keeping humans in a type of dream spell
In order to fully exploit them

Many billions have been spent on CERN
The money supply is under the control of the Dark Cabal
Who is in direct communication with negative aliens
Who take possession of the bodies of the Power Elite during ritual sacrifices

CERN seeks to gain complete control of our realm
Through the accessing of quantum energy

But to do that complete understanding
Of the mathematics that make up the blueprint
The geomatic frequency that animates the intrinsic architecture
And the higher spiritual consciousness that permeates our realm
Must be achieved

So it is doomed to failure
In the War over Consciousness
And the manipulation of our minds

In the incoming ascension cycle
Cosmic plasma of divine energy
Is flowing through the Universal Axis
And down into the Ley Lines
Regenerating life and awareness
Repairing damaged DNA

The human mind has a wide range of potential
Which has been suppressed by disinformation and artificial frequencies
That alter brain waves
And interfere with our natural electromagnetic patterns
Which modify behavior

We have the power to command all contents in our personal consciousness
To be fully in our authority and highest expression
Each of us can be a sovereign being and free

But in order to assemble our personal power
The truth must come out!