Our world is actually a place of love and harmony
Not fear and suffering

We have been transformed into active computer programs
That decode cyclical patterns through our non natural reptilian brain

The matrix is the DVD inserted in the plasma field
We decode this injected reality like computer terminals
Which we project onto the plasma screen

Our mind and body is the computer
And the output is the world which we believe we exist in

Our DNA activates the installed program
And the program plays out as our behavior in a sequence of time
Only by becoming conscious beyond the matrix frequencies can we overcome the program

Time was encoded to disconnect us from the NOW
Which is where our power resides

Reptilians are trying to make us more like them
Illuminati reptilian hybrids are the matrix agents
They are the Agent Smiths in the Matrix movie

These bloodlines permeate the higher levels of Freemasonry
And are the controlling force that keeps the matrix going
All Illuminati members are unknowing prisoners

Sports entertainment news outlets political drama
Wars financial collapse false flag terrorism and fake health scares are all distractions
To keep people in a low vibrational state and imprison their perception

This energy helps power the matrix system and feeds these otherworldly beings
Who have encroached upon our collective reality

The truth vibration spreads quickly
That is why chaos and upheaval are employed

We have become like ants following their Queen
Who tunes into her vibration through their antennae

Our DNA receives and transmits the vibration of the black cube of Saturn
Which has become our Queen!