When God said Let there be light
It was the beginning of the matrix

Sin is the Egyptian moon god
Which was originally the crescent of Jupiter behind Saturn in the former age

When the fake moon entered our world
And caused humanity to fall it was referred to as sin

The moon genetically rewired humans by amplifying the manipulated broadcast of Saturn
Saturn became the Black Sun because it has a hexagonal back cube at its north pole
The hexagon is a 3 dimensional cube

Judges priests rabbis and graduates of the indoctrination system wear a black robe
Graduates also wear a square cubed hat
And it is hard for them to think outside of the box or cube

The Illuminati s referred to as the Black Nobility
The Jesuit Pope is called the Black Pope

They want our blue resonating pineal gland painted black
Which is the hidden meaning behind the Rolling Stones song Paint It Black

Electromagnetic moon beam frequencies maintain our 2 stranded DNA
Which is supposed to be 12 stranded

The moon is above us to control our mood
The pressure of the lunar waveforms heightens blood flow in ovulating females

The reason the moon follows the sun above our flat earth plane
Is because it there to constantly override the broadcast of our sun

Jupiter now has rings too
Its moon Ganymede said to be the largest moon anywhere
Is an intricately programmed computer hacking our universal codes

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is ground zero for a pulsed beam
Jupiter is getting smaller because it is drifting away

Push the boundaries of the mystical world
And you will be in awe of what you thought was not possible

When we incorporate the metaphysical
We comprehend the incomprehensible
And bridge the unseen with the seen

Retrain your subconscious and it will respond
Realize the program it has been playing is an induced belief

Endeavor to live the life of your choosing
And you will encounter an unexpected success
The life you thought was not possible will chase after you

You are the creator and the mental pictures of your imagination
Will be projected onto the plasma screen as your reality!