Karma is a return of frequencies which you put out
And frequencies which you attracted

Negative frequencies are not your true self
Your true self is of the heart structure

Interacting positively with others
And caring for animals is your true self

Hating others and eating animals
Is not your true self

All that is negative will eventually not exist in your timeline
Everything is a hologram that is projected to you
We choose the hologram that we exist in

Always do actions from the heart
To create a positive outcome

You can manifest in your dreams
If you have a higher purpose

Light has energetic consciousness codes
Which each of us constructs
Visualizations are implemented into our consciousness

When we eliminate illusions
We teleport to other timelines

All of us are on a different ascension timeline
Everything is holographically presented to us
According to our need to know

Unity moves us forward

Realities occur simultaneously
We pick the one we are experiencing
By our emotional vibrational sequence

Our consciousness projects this reality of density and matter
It is a dream state that feels real

ETs vibrate their resonate frequencies into our realm
To make it more like theirs

What you are being taught
Is a projection of a hologram
Designed to manipulate your timeline

It is an infliction of someone else’s program
If you think it is the truth then that will be your reality
It will pull you into a negative false parallel dimension

Emotion is a frequency pattern you can measure
Project your hologram into a reality you want to see

You are a God
And you are powerful

Increase your frequency to override negative timelines
If you did not learn what was negative
You would never learn how to choose positive

Resonate the positive
And the positive will come!