Quartz crystals are made of silicon and carbon atoms
That are arranged in a precise lattice formation
They vibrate at hundreds of thousands of pulses per second

Quartz crystal is the highest vibrational object
And it induces a piezoelectric effect

Calcite microcrystals in the pineal gland act as tuners and resonators that are responsive to sound waves
When stimulated the pineal gland releases a positive charge

Sound waves converted by the pineal gland generates blue light
Inflaming our state of consciousness

Clocks watches microprocessors and other electronic devices utilize quartz crystals
Television computer cell phone and tablet screens are LCDs
Which are liquid crystal displays

When surrounded by a copper coil
Quartz will amplify its energy 30 percent more
Triggering a resonant effect in the lattice structure
Quartz can easily be used as free energy but that technology is being suppressed

The rings of Saturn are made of crystals not frozen water
The transmission of the Saturn Moon matrix is received and retransmitted
By the crystalline structure of the inner earth

There are 7 main complexes of rings around Saturn
Spacecraft fly in and out of them making sure they are in operating order

The modus operandi of the Reptilian alliance is manipulating the energetic output of the crystals
Thereby creating a false reality
Cataclysmic events are triggered which ends each era and ushers in a new one

Reptilians will then genetically engineer a new species that are designed to be tuned into their false reality
The perception of humanity gets hijacked into the matrix

The six sided hexagonal wave at the north pole of Saturn is constantly spinning
And is in sync with the radio emissions that are pulsated outward
Hexagons do not appear naturally

There is also a massive constantly spinning at the south pole of Saturn which looks like an eye
This is the Eye of Sauron and symbolizes the fiery reptilian eye!