The attempted takeover of our realm was linked to sexuality

It was thought that an imbalance between
The flame of the masculine and the divine feminine
Would prevent Blue Star activation

That a change of hormones would affect the nervous system

And that an androgynous society would create compatible vehicles
For low vibrational 4D beings not able to currently incarnate here

The elite envisioned asexual beings not able to reproduce
Would match the frequency of 4th dimensional entities
Most of whom are artificial and hybrid

Plasma light codes are transforming carbon based molecular structures into silicon based
Balancing the divine feminine and sacred masculine

Thus people are able to express themselves
As either gender or no gender or both genders simultaneously
With a heightened or increased sexuality

Key coded activations trigger responses
As instructions are transmitted and received

Roe vs Wade is a strategy of separation of being told what to do
It is an agenda to keep us on a lower vibration

To keep our collective soul at war with itself

Psycho emotional wounds get embedded as blockages

As mass consciousness belief systems are manipulated
Creative forces are siphoned off

The Star Seed community is very diverse
And you do not need to be sexually straight to be on the right path

The female principle is returning in a powerful way

Most humans have had past lives
That were not of their dominant gender

Souls are a combination of earth experiences
What matters is their ability to reach out to others

They also come from different places
Pleiadian Syriac Acurian Lyrian

We are all a Wonder to behold!